Slow-Cooker Recipes: Mexican Style

Slow-cooker meals are the best for many reasons. They’re full of flavor, and simple; just toss in the ingredients, and let the slow-cooker do all the work.

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6 Real Mexican Foods You Should Know

Let’s banish all images of Mexican food from your head and start over. Forget every taco you have ever eaten or any quesadilla that has ever touched your lips. We’re talking about real Mexican.
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Cactus and Corn Salsa?

You probably never imagined you would be craving cactus. But after trying this delicious salsa, you will have a new appreciation for the prickly plant! Although the fruit in the following recipe is paddle shaped, it is known in the United States as the prickly pear. This cactus salsa captures the southwestern flavor in a unique way.

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What are Street Tacos?

For many Americans, when one thinks of the word “tacos”, they think of the crunchy hard corn shells, and when they hear the word “soft taco” they think of large fluffy flour tortillas wrapped around a variation of beans, cheese, veggies, and meat. But the street taco defies such expectations. These are the smaller, more agile tacos that are adapted to life on the street and make up for their small size with greater flavor and numbers. [Read more…]

Avocado Margarita Recipe

Do you like avocados so much that you wish you could drink them? Do you like trying new recipes to make margaritas? [Read more…]

Not Your Ordinary Burrito Recipes

Most people are familiar with typical Mexican burritos. They usually contain some type of meat, beans, rice, and cheese among other popular toppings. But, have you ever wondered what else you can put into a burrito? The answer to that question is pretty much anything. The following are definitely not your ordinary burrito recipes, but they are just as (or maybe even more!) delicious. [Read more…]

How to Make Pico de Gallo

Nothing tantalizes the taste buds quite like freshly grown produce. The warm temperatures during July, August, and September make it the perfect climate for fruits and vegetables to grow. This time of year the produce is significantly more fresh, which makes cooking with it even better. If you’re looking for a simple, yet delicious treat to make with your garden-fresh food, then pico de gallo is the perfect dish.  [Read more…]

The Perfect Recipe for Mexican Sangria

Is there a better way to enjoy a warm summer day than having a glass of sangria? Probably not. [Read more…]

What are Pepitas?

When perusing the grocery store’s nut aisle, you may have come across a tasty looking product called “pepitas”. These green seeds look different than all of the other nuts on the shelf. [Read more…]

3 Margarita Recipes (and a Cupcake) to Try This Easter

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated by many in the United States. It is also celebrated in Mexico, where there is an entire week dedicated to the holiday. We are pretty sure that during this week, there may be a margarita or two being enjoyed. In honor of this holiday, we decided to put a little Easter twist on these classic Mexican drinks. [Read more…]