Dessert Menu for Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant in Andover, MAFlan
A creamy custard made with egg, milk, coffee liqueur and caramel. Glazed with a light caramel topping.

A warm Mexican pastry dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Apple Burrito
Apple slices stuffed into a flour tortilla that has been fried until crispy. Topped with caramel sauce and cinnamon sugar. Served with a side of vanilla ice cream.

A crunchy traditional Mexican dessert made of fried dough and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Served with whipped cream and a sweet dipping sauce.

Fried Ice Cream
Crispy coated creamy vanilla ice cream drizzled with cinnamon sugar, honey, chocolate sauce and garnished with whipped cream.

Chimi Cheesecake
A flour tortilla wrapped cheesecake that is deep fried until golden brown. Served alongside creamy vanilla ice cream topped with caramel sauce and cinnamon sugar.

Please Note: Not all menu items are available at all our locations. Call ahead to inquire on a specific item.

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