Avocado Margarita Recipe

Do you like avocados so much that you wish you could drink them? Do you like trying new recipes to make margaritas? If the answer is yes to either question, then you have come to the right place. Avocado might not be the first ingredient you think of when it comes to margaritas. However, the fresh flavor of the avocado combined with the sweetness of the lime and tequila makes for a perfect combination. Endless Simmer has a great recipe for this.

Avocado Margarita Recipe, Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant, MA


Recipe from 101 Mojitos and other Muddled Drinks by Kim Haasarud (Wiley & Sons 2011).

1.5 oz 1800 Silver tequila
0.75 oz Cointreau
1.5 oz lime juice
1.5 oz agave nectar
Half a ripe avocado
2-3 sprigs of cilantro
Kosher salt / celery salt, for rim *
Lime wedge, for garnish

Kosher / Celery Salt Rim: In a small bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of celery salt with 4 Tablespoons Kosher salt.  Mix well.  To rim the glass, wet outside of Margarita glass with lime wedge and dip into salt mixture.  Set the glass aside.

In a mixing glass, muddle the avocado with the lime juice and agave nectar.  Add the 1800 tequila and Cointreau.  Top with ice and shake vigorously.  Strain into ice-filled, salt-rimmed glass.  Garnish with lime wedge and serve.

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