A Guide to Traditional Mexican Decorations

Professional interior designers and decorators use the term “Mexican décor” describe certain types of furniture and decorations. Mexican Decorations, Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant, MAThe popular styles hail from the 18th century, which means that there is a rustic and western feel to how these decorations are portrayed .

Mexican Decorations: Colors and Themes

Along the lines of color schemes, traditional Mexican décor tends to use bold color transitions that are opposing on the color wheel. First, the décor uses a subtle and calming earth tone that is inviting to the eye, such as tan, burnt red, and clay colors. These are to reanimate the feel of stone, clay pots or wood that used to be crucial to the construction of the homes, along with the landscape too in the late 18th century.  Next, there is the use of bright opposing colors that definitely catch the eye. These are a strong contrast and have been a Mexican decoration tradition for centuries.

Mexican Decorations: Materials

The materials used in Mexican décor are extremely dynamic in that they are abstract and vary in many ways from shape to texture. Also they can be used in a variety of rooms and can work well with your budget too. Also with drapes or fabrics, rough cotton woven materials has that handmade feel and mimics the way the indigenous people would make their own draperies as well. Lastly there is Mexican folk art, which consists of common metals like tin, clay, wood, and glass.

Mexican Decorations: Furniture

These pieces usually use heavy wooden panels with metal highlights. For example, bed frames and tables are commonly made from dark iron to compliment the texture of the wood. Iron handles for wooden drawers and doors are also work well to contrast wooden materials.

Mexican Decorations: Miscellaneous

Mexican decorations are prominent in the form of objects and items that can be arranged and placed around the house, room, or yard to accentuate the theme to a high level of visibility. Items like terra cotta pots with geometric patterns painted on them are useful and are usually vivid and bright as well. Also ceramic figurines, clay and wooden wall hangings, and candle holders can tie a room together well.

While some individuals may believe that this décor is tacky or gaudy, it  is truthfully a beautiful expression of the Mexican culture and replicates the ways of the ancestors.

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