How to Make a Michelada

The michelada is a popular beer cocktail made famous by Mexico. How to Make a Michelada, Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant, MAThe michelada was created during the Mexican revolution of 1910, when the Mexican army general, Don Augusto Michel, brought his troops to a local cantina and mixed the drink to lift their spirits. The name derives from a combination of Michel’s name and the Spanish word “chelada”, which translates to “cold one.” Since then, the drink has become popularized in a number of other countries, and is the perfect combination of refreshing and hot. Learn how to make a michelada here.

To make this delicious drink, there are only a few main ingredients that you will need.

  • 12oz beer
  • 1 lime
  • 2 tbsp Clamato
  • Hot sauce
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt

First, find a tasty Mexican lager. Corona and Tacate are great, easy-to-find options. If you are more into beer with vibrant hops, you may enjoy making your michelada with a Mexican pilsner instead, such Modelo Especial or Pacifico.

Prepare your glass like you would a margarita glass, by rimming it with a wedge of lime and then dipping it in coarse salt to achieve a salted rim. For an even spicier drink, mix chili powder with the salt before rimming the glass.

Then, pour the beer into a separate glass for mixing. Add lime juice, hot sauce (preferably a Mexican hot sauce, such as Cholula), and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and stir.

While you can use regular tomato juice, the authentic way to make a michelada is with Clamato, a mixture made from tomato juice, clam broth, and spices. If you can’t find Clamato at your local grocery store, then regular tomato sauce will do. You only need about two tablespoons of Clamato, and this will turn your drink a nice red color. Add ice and use a shaker to blend the drink well.

Serve with a lime wedge on the rim. Then you are ready to enjoy!

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Have you ever tried a michelada, or will this be your first time?