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Mexican Cuisine Takes on Popular Food Trends

Not only are there trends in the fashion world, but food trends are also currently making a foray in popular culture. Food Trend, Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant, MAWith the recent popularity of Pinterest, everyone now has access to all of the latest and greatest food trends and can share their own recipe creations to make at home.

When one gets creative, beautiful food innovations can occur. What makes a food trend so fun is that there are so many different takes to be made on any type of cuisine. In current restaurant trends, normally fattening foods are being transformed with healthier ingredients, while various culture’s cuisines are becoming one.

While authentic Mexican food has years of tradition behind it, Mexican food also has to the potential to be tweaked in accordance with your favorite food trend. Taco nights are becoming a great way to host informal dinner parties for friends. Fresh takes on typical taco and margarita pairings are available below. By following one of these recipes, your friends will be blown away at your innovative hosting abilities.

The following article from Los Angeles Times describes five ways to pair your favorite Mexican foods with stylish cocktails. Learn how to transform regular tacos and margaritas into the latest food trends and host a party that is sure to be a hit.

Mexican food pairings inspired by today’s hot flavor trends

You can use today’s most popular food trends from skinny indulgence to dude food to create taco and margarita pairings that will leave all your guests wanting more. The secret is to create dishes that are flavorful and forward-thinking, but use familiar products, like Old El Paso salsa, that you can find at your local grocery store.

If you love the zest of Mexican cuisine and want to serve party fare everyone will remember, try these five new taco and margarita pairing ideas from the culinary experts at the Betty Crocker Kitchens inspired by some of today’s hottest food trends:

Food trend 1: Skinny indulgence

The idea behind the skinny indulgence food trend is being able to enjoy fresh foods that are packed with flavor but not with calories. To incorporate this trend into your next party menu, try serving skinny citrus shrimp tacos. Fill tacos with warm citrus-flavored shrimp, fresh cucumber salsa and Greek yogurt crema for a smart and delicious indulgence. Pair with a light cocktail like a cucumber lime ‘spa’garita – a traditional margarita enhanced with fresh cucumber and orange.

Food trend 2: Dude food

Dude food is a trend that takes traditional foods that guys love to the next level, so that any foodie, man or woman, can enjoy the rich flavors. For this trend, try pairing spicy ‘beer’bacoa tacos with a ‘man’garita. Simply stuff tacos with beer-braised beef barbacoa, spicy chipotle salsa and queso fresco. Wash down with a ‘man’garita – a shot of aged tequila served with an ice cold bottle of Mexican beer.

Food trend 3: Global flavors

Blending authentic flavors in new and exciting ways is a huge food trend right now. It’s fun to think outside the box and see where this crossover flavor adventure takes you. For example, try faux pho chicken tacos for your main dish. This fresh and flavorful chicken taco is inspired by pho – a popular Vietnamese soup. The ‘faux pho’ toppings – Thai basil, fresh chilies and crunchy ramen noodles – are the key to these unique tacos. Pair with a Thai basil ‘mojit’arita that infuses the flavor of basil and agave nectar into a traditional margarita.

Food trend 4: Street food

When you travel, some of the best foods you encounter are made by street vendors. Additionally, food trucks have recently boomed in popularity in the United States, serving delicious food conveniently to patrons. You can bring this food trend to your next party by serving beef bulgogi Korean tacos. Simply load up a soft tortilla with Korean barbecue beef, cilantro-lettuce slaw and fiery Sriracha salsa. Pair with a Fizzy Lime ‘soda’rita by mixing a traditional Mexican lime soda with blanco tequila and orange-flavored liqueur.

Food trend 5: Veggie love

Eating your vegetables is always healthy, but now it’s trendy too. This food movement goes beyond carrot and celery sticks to create dishes that utilize fresh flavors in modern ways. Take cauliflower power tacos for example. Veggie lovers will devour this new take on a vegetarian taco filled with roasted cauliflower, crispy chickpeas and flavorful cilantro pesto. As a bonus it is gluten-free. Pair with frozen mango ‘coco’ritas made with fresh mango and coconut water.

All complete taco and margarita pairing recipes can be found at

The melding of different food trends and exotic cuisines is something that America has always been known for, but currently this food trend is growing. Now that you are equipped with the inspiration to create your own take on food trends, you can enhance a typical taco night with friends.

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What are some ways that you have tweaked traditional Mexican cuisine to make it match your favorite food trend?